Econ House


The eco house is a demonstration house for severel different concepts that are used to save energy. The project was based on a book that had a similar demo house. There are several concepts that are shown:

  • Solar power generation (photovoltaic)
  • Solar waterheater
  • Green house
  • Green house heating
  • Evaporative airconditioning

The house was modular and coupld be diassembled folded flat to allow for better storage. It was build for the Brevard Zoo education program.



  • Plywood sheet
  • Hardware (hinges, pull latches, Alu C and L channel, L brackets  and nuts and bolts)
  • Solar pannel
  • Plexiglass sheets
  • Thin Sheet metal
  • Copper tubing
  • Water pump
  • 12V computer fan
  • Black paint


Appr 10 hrs


The house turned out bigger than expected. With better sourcing of parts it could have served the same purpose on a smaller foot print.


  • The solar water heater doesn’t have enough surface area for the copper tubing to effectivaly heat the water as it is running through as well as the container for the water and pump was not insulated properly.
  • The evaporative AC didn’t work well in the humid climate of Florida. In any dry climate it would work significantly better

Future suggestions/ Upgrades

  • Make it more compact and integrate more of the different components. The 12V fan was run off of a transformer.
  • Redo the solar water heater
  • Treat/ coat the wood to protect it from moisture, especially the green house


Not much was documented during the construction.

Final Pictures

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