Benjamin (Giraffe)


The project involves making a stuffed giraffe. It was a present for someone. It was my first stuffed animal.


  • Pattern from .........
  • Material per pattern instrucitons (I went with a fluffy pattern of material that is made to be used with stuffed animals)
  • The hair is basic thick brown yarn
  • Stuffing material ...........


30 hrs


  • Sewing by hand takes a long time. This pattern would be alot easier and faster by machine
  • I skipped a couple steps in the instructions to give it a little more simple look vs realistic look. (Also hides tha fact that I might have missed a step or two)
  • Stuff the animal and only pin it closed. let it sit for a little bit and move the animal around, that way the stuffing can settle where is is most likely going to go. It will also allow for adjsutment on the amount you want.



Future suggestions/ Upgrades

  • Use a sewing machine


Followed the general instructions in the pattern. This project did not get any real documentation along the way.

Step 2


Do something for Step 2

Final Pictures

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